Ready to get out of survival mode and to have a business that gives you freedom?

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We help overworked business owners restructure their business and conquer their mindset to free up 10+ hours a week without working harder or compromising on their bottom line.

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Do any of these statements ring true for you?

  • You feel like all you do is work and that the success of the business is entirely on your shoulders, despite having hired what you thought were A-players.
  • You are burning the candle on both ends as you plug the gaps for your employees who don't go the extra mile and leave on the table anything they don't consider their job.
  • You feel alone in your business as you are the only person solving the day-to-day problems and thinking critically.
  • You feel you are on the back foot all day as you spend your time putting out fires instead of prioritising your own important work.
  • You have little time for anything else because you're having to do the work you've paid others to do.
  • Because there is so much to do in the business, you are sacrificing eating properly, exercise, sleep and/or rest - you feel that if you take time for these things, the business will start to crumble.

You are in the right place!

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growth diagram with red arrow going up icon. business growth

What would it mean to you if you could finally get your employees to take responsibility for their business outcomes?

How would it feel if you could confidently stop micromanaging your team, knowing that your business is sustainably growing?

What would it be like to finally have a feeling of ease in every day life - both in the business and at home, knowing it's all working really well?

This is what we want for you!

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is a unique programme designed for specifically for business owners who feel like the only way they can grow their business is by working harder and/or working even more hours. This programme helps them structure their business in a way that creates the space for them to focus on the strategic goals for their business, in order to grow it to the next level of maturity, as well as creating space for them to enjoy time off.

to T H R I V E

Here are the four key areas we work with you to develop:

  • An Empowered CEO mindset
  • A Plan that moves the needle in the most strategic areas of your business
  • A Leveraged Team that takes responsibility for business outcomes
  • Future Proofing for longterm sustainability
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Who are we?

We are Ania and Dion-René Hulsman, a husband and wife team dedicated to helping business owners thrive - we don't want to see anyone burn out or fail! We believe that business owners are change-makers and are the backbone of the economy and therefore need effective and impactful support so that they can grow.

About Ania

As a critical thinker and a learning-junkie, Ania has spent almost 15 years honing her coaching craft, working with founders and business owners of SMEs, helping them create financial and emotional freedom for themselves and their families. She is a dedicated mother of two, step-mother to two and a doting auntie to two. She loves to build communities and geek out on anything from psychology to AI to bio-hacking and is very apt at DIY and still life drawing. Read more about her on Linked In.

About Dion-René

Dion-René is a rebel with a massive heart who quit his very well paid job at a Big Five management consultancy when he realised that their ethics didn't align with his values. He is passionate about creating high performing teams as well as helping owner's of SME's create effective processes within their business to drive the maturity of the business to the next level. He would be considered a polymath by many, given his understanding of chemistry, business strategy, psychology of people and organisations and photography (yes, he is also a professional photographer in his spare time). Read more about Dion on Linked In.

What do our clients say?

"When I first started working with Ania, everything was generally great in my life. Business was booming, I had a beautiful family, a wonderful wife, and my health and strength were good. However, I had a burning desire to develop myself further, cultivate even more energy, and master the art of value creation rather than extraction. Most importantly, I wanted to prioritize a life of abundance.

Having worked with Ania for 12+ months, I can confidently say that she is an exceptional coach. Her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools and processes for growth is unparalleled. She has provided me with the focus, accountability, and guidance needed to consistently achieve exceptional results. My relationship with my wife has undergone a profound transformation, deepening our connection and bringing even more flow into our lives.

If you are seeking a coach who can unlock your potential and help you achieve extraordinary results, I wholeheartedly endorse Ania. Embrace the journey with her, and prepare to embark on a transformative path towards success and fulfillment. The possibilities are endless when you have Ania as your guide."

Niels Arntz, Co-Founder, Temper

"We all need our back-up team, and I choose mine very carefully. I chose to work with Ania over an extended period of time because firstly, she instills trust in me because she is clear, honest and direct. She chooses her words carefully and senses my situation acutely with great heart, and great intelligence. Secondly, Ania has breadth of knowledge - from business strategy to embodiment and I feel that she understands all the aspects of my context as a business owner and practitioner. And thirdly, because giving support to people feels like something Ania was born to do. Her coaching style is warm, structured and challenging when need be... She is part of what enables me to process the complexities of my own business situation and helps me maintain my all-round resilience."

Claire Dale

Founder & Director

Physical Intelligence Institute

"I was successful in many areas of my life, but I could just not enjoy this successful life because my emotions were a mess....It's always been my ambition to build a successful business and to be ambitious at home, in what I can create for my family. And I think I didn't have the mentality to be successful in both. So, I needed an upgrade in my mentality to raise into a new level. And at that time, I had no clue that three years later, I would find myself in a position when I have even more employees, even more kids, even more money, even more business, even more love, even more sex... I had no clue that it was possible! ... "

Helene Bonhomme


Fabuleuses au Foyer

"When you are in the trenches there are so many things going on; in one meeting, you're talking about finances, then it's marketing, then it's purchasing and everything, and it's very easy to get lost. So it's good if you have someone who can take a look at it from a different perspective, and point out, 'These are the most important points and you should look into this.' "

Tomás Divinec


Lerni Toys

Imagine the progress you could make with your time, energy, and finances if you had not one, but TWO highly trained experts putting their eyes on YOU and YOUR business.

How would it change your life if we could show you how to make simple changes that create more joy and sustainability in your business and life?

Let's get started today!

Helene Bonhomme


Fabuleuses au Foyer

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We are currently based out of the Netherlands; Bothalaan 2, Hilversum, successfully serving clients world wide.